University of Ottawa Laboratory for Research on

Machine Learning for Defense and Security



Lab Director:

Dr. Nathalie Japkowicz

Current Lab Members:

Colin Bellinger, Dr. Guichong Li, Hang Shao , Shiven Sharma, Xiaoguang Wang, Xuan Liu, Adrian Taylor, Vincent Barnabe Lortie

Current Research Associates:

Dr. Rodney Berg (Health Canada), Dr. Alex Bourque (Defense R&D Canada), Dr. Bao Nguyen (Defense R&D Canada), Dr. Kurt Ungar (Health Canada), Dr. Rami Abielmona (Larus Technologies), Dr. Rafael Falcon (Larus Technologies)

Current Projects

·         Track Correlation and Association using GMTI/AIS/ARPA: Determining whether individual target detection reports coming from the same sensor at different times refer to the same target (correlation) and whether individual target detection reports coming from different sensors refer to the same target (association).

·         Monitoring threats to public safety during major public events or around nuclear facilities: Detecting Gamma-Emitting hazardous materials (detailed description here **** second prize of the U of Ottawa Research Day poster competition for Computer Science (February 2012)**** ).

·         Anomaly Detection on Military Vehicle Control Buses

·         Detecting underwater mines or improvised explosive devices (IED) with Multiple autonomous unmanned vehicle (AUV) operations: coordinating multiple AUVs in a dynamic and uncertain environment and under limited and unreliable communications (detailed description here ).

Past Projects

·         Verifying conformation to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty by Noble gas monitoring: Discriminating between nuclear tests and routine industrial emissions through the monitoring of Radioxenon releases to the atmosphere

·         Detecting serious threats to computer networks: discovering relationships between different intrusion detection systems (IDS)’ alerts to identify specific attack attempts

·         Computer virus and malware Detection

Recent Publications

·      “Autonomic Computer Network Defence Using Risk State and Reinforcement Learning”, Beaudoin, L., Japkowicz, N. and Matwin, S. ,  in The Virtual Battlefield: Perspectives on Cyber Warfare, C. Czosseck and K. Geers (Editors), IOS Press, 2009.